Terms and conditions

  1. By submitting an application, applicants confirm they have read and understood all of the information set out in the sections About the residency and Making an application on this website.
  2. Your application will be considered ineligible, if:
    • You did not apply online without prior agreed exemption with the Residency Co-ordinator
    • Your application form was incomplete in essential detail
    • Your application was submitted after the closing deadline
    • Your application did not include all of the required documentation
  3. No one has legal right to be awarded the residency. Therefore the selection panel is under no obligation to justify its decisions.
  4. Decisions regarding the IMMA residencies will be communicated to the applicant predominantly via email.
  5. All correspondence will be between the applicant and the IMMA unless otherwise agreed..
  6. Programming schedules are set by IMMA and the scheduling preferences of the artist are not a guarantee. Timing and duration will be negotiated following selection.
  7. Please be aware that successful applicants who are unable to participate in the residency at the time proposed by IMMA, may have to forfeit their place and re-apply for the programme as places will not be held.
  8. Artists cannot re-apply if currently enlisted on the residency programme or if they have participated on the residency programme in the last three years.
  9. All residencies are offered subject to the availability of funds and the different limits of the programming schedule of IMMA.
  10. Residencies may be offered with additional specific conditions attached.
  11. On being awarded the residency, the holder will receive a House Contract and house rules which outline the conditions of the residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The residency is regarded as legally binding once the granted holder has signed the House Contract.