Preparing your application

Please respect the limited time selectors have to review each application. If you wish to supply more than one format of documentation to represent your practice please try to balance the overall time to be spent on your application. Selectors will not be obliged to view materials surplus to requirements.

The following should be considered when preparing your application:

  • All documentation must give a clear idea of how your work has developed over the past three years.
  • Please ensure that the visual documentation submitted is of good quality, accessible and clear.
  • All visual documentation must be accompanied by corresponding documentation details.
  • Any files that need to be uploaded should be clearly labelled. It should be evident from the file name if, for example, it is a CV etc.
  • Any documenation of art work that is uploaded should include the name of the work in the title.
  • Please note - PDF portfolios will not be considered.

In order to be considered eligibile for selection you will be required to upload the following documentation:

1. An up-to-date CV, as a Word or PDF file, max length 2 x A4 pages

Your CV or resume must include:

  • The registration number allocated to you once you sign up for your online application (this can be found on the top right hand corner of your application form)
  • Your name
  • Your education
  • Exhibitions, grants, bursaries, awards, commissions, acquisitions etc.(if applicable).
  • Any experience outside the area of art which you feel is relevant to your practice

Note for collaborative applications: please supply us with one CV only - edit individuals CV's to contain the information requested and prioritise projects undertaken by collaborative practice.

2. Documentation of your work to date, selecting the format(s) which best demonstrate(s) your current practice. A minimum of one format is required - ie. jpeg (outlined below in sections 2A, 2B and 2C.

A. Audio/Moving Image Work

If your main area of work involves time based media such as video / film / audio / digital media / live performance or interactive installation your documentation should consist of:

  • 1 showreel with a maximum viewing duration of 5 minutes, in QuickTime, m4v or h.264 format
  • Documentation details including: title, year, medium, duration

It is optional for you to upload the moving image directly into your online application, however please note a maximum upload of 25MB applies.

Please note: It would be preferable for you to provide URLs to moving image contained either on You Tube or Vimeo.  Please ensure you supply the username and correct password in the denoted fields if required.

B. Digital Images
If your main area of work has been photographically documented your portfolio should consist of:

  • 8 digital images, maximum file size 16MB, in jpeg or png format only
  • Documentation details including: title, year, medium, dimensions and a brief description for each image submitted (max 250 characters)

C. Written Work
If your area of work is curatorial or critical writing you can choose to represent your practice through a Word or PDF file containing essays or published articles related to projects you have worked on or researched.

Please submit one file only with a maximum word count of 3,000 words:

  • You can submit up to 5 samples of work within one document
  • Each sample should be clearly cited as published, research, work in progress or presented papers
  • Please include a title and year for each sample
  • Please include a description of up to 100 words introducing each sample to provide a context for the selection panel

Other required supporting material for submission includes:

3.  Professional References

Supply the names of two professional references should they be required by IMMA. Ask those who are familiar with your practice as an artist, curator or writer.

Your referees should be notified, prior to inclusion in your application, that they may be requested to take a call or respond to an email upon your behalf at some point during the selection process.

You will need the following details for each reference provided: Name, Title (within organisation or freelance title), Name of Organisation (if applicable), Telephone (including country and area code) and Email.

4. Statement about your practice

(maximum 1,700 characters including spaces)
Describe your practice (in your own words) outlining your points of departure and the themes contained within your work, etc.

5. Objectives and proposal of work

(maximum 1,700 characters including spaces)
Describe some of your working methods to achieve both your research and practical goals, give an indication of the type of work you would intend to undertake while on residency at IMMA and the significance that this opportunity would have for you in the cultural context of IMMA and at this point in your career.